Book ‘Haggai – The Call for Rebuilding the Temple’ by Don Salmans

PDF Excerpt 'Haggai - The Call for Rebuilding the Temple' by Don Salmans
Pursuing Your Purpose Through God’s Handbook
Tucked among the oft-neglected books of the Minor Prophets, Haggai remains one of the most obscure, under-read, and least appreciated books of the Old Testament. Haggai contains two chapters of 38 verses and 1083 English words - just five minutes of reading from start to finish. Yet, within its pages rest some of Scripture's most timeless principles, including invaluable wisdom pertaining to discovering one's purpose in life. Haggai's mission was to lead the people of Jerusalem in rebuilding the temple of God, a work that had been started several years earlier but had long since been abandoned. What were Haggai's thoughts as he came to understand the Lord's expectations for him? Was he overwhelmed at the thought of such a responsibility?...
Language: English  Publisher: Independently published (Dec 22 2021)  Pages: ‎134 pages  ISBN-13: 979-8788706764  Dimensions:‎ 13.97 x 0.79 x 21.59 cm

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