Book ‘A Clockwork Reader Reading Journal Diary’ by Hannah Azerang

PDF Excerpt 'A Clockwork Reader Reading Journal Diary' by Hannah Azerang
Read 100 books, record your thoughts, and get creative with Youtube's Hannah Azerang (a.k.a A Clockwork Reader)! At last, a journal for avid readers looking to channel their love of reading books into something creative and unique. Even better, Hannah Azerang, the face of the successful Youtube channel A Clockwork Reader, and one of the online bookish community's biggest personalities, has curated this journal just for you! Join Hannah and track your reading of up to 100 books as she guides you along with questions about your reading, offers up some of her favorite books for you to enjoy, and even fills in some of the pages herself. Look further and you'll see she's even taken her pens and pencils and filled these pages with some of her favorite doodles and designs!
Publisher: Alpha (December 21, 2021)  Pages: 256 pages  ISBN-13: 978-0744040524  ISBN-10: 0744040523  Dimensions:‎ 6.94 x 0.96 x 8.75 inches

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About the author: Hannah Azerang is a successful content creator focusing on books, journaling, and self care. Her Youtube channel, A Clockwork Reader, has over 350,000 subscribers who all share her passion for reading. Her content explores her love of storytelling—in books, television, music, and journaling, as well as her own personal stories and experiences. Away from Youtube, you can find Hannah on her Instagram account @clockwork_reads, traveling, practicing the piano, or roaming a bookstore in her home state of California.