Book ‘A Death on W Street’ by Andy Kroll

PDF Excerpt 'A Death on W Street' by Andy Kroll
The Murder of Seth Rich and the Age of Conspiracy

A true-crime story for the post-truth era. In the early hours of July 10, 2016, gunshots rang out and a young man lay fatally wounded on a quiet Washington, DC, street. But who killed Seth Rich? When he was buried in his hometown, his rabbi declared: “There are no answers for a young man gunned down in the prime of his life.” The rabbi was wrong. There were in fact many answers, way too many. In the absence of an arrest, a howling mob filled the void. Wild speculation and fantastical theories surfaced on social media and gained traction thanks to a high-level cast of provocateurs. But it wasn’t until Fox News took the rumors from the fringes to the mainstream that Seth Rich’s life and death grew into something altogether unexpected — one of the foundational conspiracy theories of modern times…

Publisher: PublicAffairs (September 6, 2022); Pages: 368 pages; ISBN-10: 1541751140; ISBN-13: 978-1541751149; ASIN:‎ B09PMPMPS9

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Author’s biography: Andy Kroll is an investigative reporter for ProPublica, where he covers voting, politics, and threats to democracy. He is the former Washington bureau chief for Rolling Stone magazine, where he wrote extensively about the Seth Rich case. He has also written for Mother Jones, National Journal, and The California Sunday Magazine. He lives in Washington, DC. This is his first book.

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