Book ‘A House Between Earth and the Moon’ by Rebecca Scherm

PDF Excerpt 'A House Between Earth and the Moon' by Rebecca Scherm

The gripping story of one scientist in outer space, another who watches over him, the family left behind, and the lengths people will go to protect the people and planet they love. For twenty years, Alex has believed that his gene-edited super-algae will slow and even reverse the effects of climate change. His obsession with his research has jeopardized his marriage, his relationships with his kids, and his own professional future. When the Son sisters, founders of the colossal tech company Sensus, offer him a chance to complete his research, he seizes the opportunity. The catch? His lab will be in outer space on Parallaxis, the first-ever luxury residential space station built for billionaires. Alex and six other scientists leave Earth and their loved ones to become Pioneers, the beta tenants of Parallaxis. But Parallaxis is not the space palace they were sold…

Publisher: Viking (March 29, 2022); Pages: 400 pages; ISBN-10: 1101980109; ISBN-13: 978-1101980101; ASIN:‎ B098J5DY94

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Author’s biography: Rebecca Scherm is the author of the novels A House Between Earth and the Moon and Unbecoming. She lives in California with her family.

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