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PDF Excerpt 'About Our Schools' by Tim Brighouse
Improving on previous best

Written by Tim Brighouse and Mick WatersAbout Our Schools: Improving on previous best examines in detail the turbulent years of education policy and practice from the late 1970s to the present day – and sets out what policy-makers and education leaders can do to enable our schools to improve on their previous best. Foreword by Danny Dorling. Through revealing and forthright interviews with 14 secretaries of state – from Kenneth Baker to Michael Gove and Gavin Williamson, together with many other leading figures in education – Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters provide fascinating insights into the various evolutions and revolutions that have taken place in English state education since 1976. In so doing they highlight key areas for improvement and assess where we should go from here to enable teachers and schools to improve the learning and broaden the horizons of each and every one of their pupils…

Publisher: Crown House Publishing (April 30, 2022); Pages: 540 pages; ISBN-10: 1785835866; ISBN-13: 978-1785835865; ASIN: B09PTGL7M5

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Author’s biography: Twice a chief education officer for ten years each in Oxfordshire and Birmingham and leader of the London Challenge, Sir Tim Brighouse says he has learned from most of his many mistakes as a teacher, teacher educator and administrator. He believes in the power of teachers and schools to change the world for the better. A former head teacher, Mick Waters has worked in teacher education and at policy levels in both local and national government. Over time he has been asked to work in the UK and abroad either with national governments or directly with schools to develop revised policy and practice for leadership, teacher education, governance and classroom teaching.

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