Book ‘About Our Schools’ by Tim Brighouse

PDF Excerpt 'About Our Schools' by Tim Brighouse
Improving on previous best
Charts the development of education policy and practice since the late 1970s – and sets out what can be learned and built upon to make schools even more effective in the future. Through revealing interviews with most of the main protagonists in education since the Ruskin speech of Jim Callaghan in 1976, including nearly all Secretaries of State,Sir Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters explore several revolutions in state education. In doing so they extract what we can learn from the observations gleaned and assess where we should go from here to enable teachers and schools to raise the competence, learning and horizons of each and every one of their students, whatever their talents, challenges, advantages or problems...
Language: English  Publisher: Crown House Publishing (April 30, 2022)  Pages: 540 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1785835865

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