Book ‘Against White Feminism’ by Rafia Zakaria

PDF Excerpt 'Against White Feminism' by Rafia Zakaria
Notes on Disruption
A radically inclusive, intersectional, and transnational approach to the fight for women’s rights. Upper-middle-class white women have long been heralded as “experts” on feminism. They have presided over multinational feminist organizations and written much of what we consider the feminist canon, espousing sexual liberation and satisfaction, LGBTQ inclusion, and racial solidarity, all while branding the language of the movement itself in whiteness and speaking over Black and Brown women in an effort to uphold privilege and perceived cultural superiority. An American Muslim woman, attorney, and political philosopher, Rafia Zakaria champions a reconstruction of feminism in Against White Feminism...
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (August 17, 2021)  Pages: 256 pages  ISBN-10: 1324006617  ISBN-13: 978-1324006619  ASIN:‎ B08L6X1YTM

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About the author: Rafia Zakaria is author of The Upstairs Wife and many essays for the Guardian, CNN, and the New York Times Book Review. She is a regular columnist for Dawn in Pakistan and the Baffler in the United States.