Book ‘Age of Vice’ by Deepti Kapoor

PDF Excerpt 'Age of Vice' by Deepti Kapoor
This is the age of vice, where money, pleasure, and power are everything, and the family ties that bind can also kill. New Delhi, 3 a.m. A speeding Mercedes jumps the curb and in the blink of an eye, five people are dead. It’s a rich man’s car, but when the dust settles there is no rich man at all, just a shell-shocked servant who cannot explain the strange series of events that led to this crime. Nor can he foresee the dark drama that is about to unfold. Deftly shifting through time and perspective in contemporary India, Age of Vice is an epic, action-packed story propelled by the seductive wealth, startling corruption, and bloodthirsty violence of the Wadia family -- loved by some...
Publisher: Riverhead Books (January 3, 2023)  Pages: 544 pages  ISBN-10: 0593328795  ISBN-13: 978-0593328798  ASIN:‎ B09X56YVFT

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Deepti Kapoor worked for several years as a journalist in New Delhi, after growing up in Northern India. The author of the novel Bad Character, she now lives in Portugal with her husband.

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