Book ‘All the Living and the Dead’ by Hayley Campbell

PDF Excerpt 'All the Living and the Dead' by Hayley Campbell
A Personal Investigation into the Death Trade
'This is an absorbing and important book, seeking out stories so many shy away from and telling them with such respect, humanity, heart and, yes, wit. Without exaggeration, an awe-inspiring achievement' Nigella Lawson. 'A gentle book and, like death itself, sometimes an unexpectedly kind one' - Neil Gaiman. We are surrounded by death. It is in our news, our nursery rhymes, our true-crime podcasts. Yet from a young age, we are told that death is something to be feared. How are we supposed to know what we're so afraid of, when we are never given the chance to look? Fuelled by a childhood fascination with death, journalist Hayley Campbell searches for answers in the people who make a living by working ...
Publisher: Raven Books; 1st edition (March 31, 2022)  Pages: 322 pages  ISBN-10: 1526601397  ISBN-13: 978-1526601391  ASIN:‎ B09K21LH4V

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Hayley Campbell is an author, broadcaster and journalist. Her work has appeared in WIRED, The Guardian, New Statesman, Empire, GQ, and more. She lives in London with her cat, Ned.

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