Book ‘Anon Pls.’ by DeuxMoi

PDF Excerpt 'Anon Pls.' by DeuxMoi

From the creator of @DeuxMoi, the popular – and infamous – celebrity gossip Instagram account, comes a fun, charming debut novel that’s the perfect combination of The Devil Wears PradaGossip Girl, and The Assistants. When Cricket Lopez, assistant to one of the most notorious celebrity stylists, revamps her old fashion Instagram account and turns it into a source for celebrity gossip on a drunken whim, she never thinks it will become anything. It’s just a way to blow off steam after a terrible, terrible day at work where her nightmarish boss screams at her and blames her for some 18-year-old influencer’s screw-up. But when the account grows overnight and, even wilder, when she starts getting gossip from fans and insiders – juicy gossip – she has to face facts: her Instagram is now famous. She is now famous…

Publisher: William Morrow (November 8, 2022); Pages: 288 pages; ISBN-10: 0063257807; ISBN-13: 978-0063257801; ASIN:‎ B09SHT3P3L

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Author’s biography: Deuxmoi is one of the most followed and re-shared celebrity pop culture accounts on Instagram. With a following of 1.5 million and counting, it is the Internet’s foremost source for celebrity pop culture and gossip. Cowritten by Jessica Goodman, this is DeuxMoi’s debut novel.

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