Book ‘Anything Could Happen’ by Lucy Diamond

PDF Excerpt 'Anything Could Happen' by Lucy Diamond
The heartfelt and uplifting new novel from the bestselling author of The Beach Café
For Lara and her daughter Eliza, it has always been just the two of them. But when Eliza turns eighteen and wants to connect with her father, Lara is forced to admit a secret that she has been keeping from her daughter her whole life. Eliza needs answers - and so does Lara. Their journey to the truth will take them on a road trip across England and eventually to New York, where it all began. Dreams might have been broken and opportunities missed, but there are still surprises in store... Anything Could Happen is a warm, wise, funny and uplifting novel about love, second chances and the unexpected and extraordinary paths life can take us down. 'Tender, bittersweet and funny...
Publisher: Quercus (December 14, 2021)  Pages: 356 pages  ISBN-13: 978-1529419603  Dimensions:‎ 15.8 x 3.6 x 23.8 cm

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