Book ‘Arrows and Apologies’ by Sav R. Miller

PDF Excerpt 'Arrows and Apologies' by Sav R. Miller
They say every proud man must fall. Mortals who fancy themselves gods will one day kneel. I thought myself invincible. Apollo on Earth. Mocked my brother when he succumbed to such a fate. Before I noticed the blue-haired nymph lurking in the background. Cora Astor shouldn’t have come to this island. She sneered in my direction, beguiling me with her disgust. As a Wolfe, hunting is in my blood. Getting what I want is my nature. Even when I know I can never have it. Though I cannot keep her, I plan to relish the chase. **Arrows and Apologies is a dark, contemporary romance inspired by the Apollo and Daphne myth. It is NOT fantasy or a retelling.**
Publisher: Sav R. Miller (June 28, 2022)  Pages: 400 pages  ISBN-13: 979-8985920345  ASIN:‎ B0B4HTWMH8

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Author’s biography: Sav R. Miller is an international bestselling author of dark and contemporary romance. Putting her lifelong love of reading and writing to use, Sav graduated with a degree in Creative Writing in 2018 and now spends her time giving morally gray characters their happily-ever-afters. Currently, Sav lives in central Kentucky with two pups, Lord Byron and Poe. She loves sitcoms, silence, and sardonic humor. Connect with Sav! Reader Group: Sav’s Suckers; Instagram: @srmauthor; Tik Tok: @authorsavrmiller; Facebook: @srmauthor; Website: