Book ‘Blood Bonds’ by J Bree

PDF Excerpt 'Blood Bonds (The Bonds that Tie)' by J Bree
(The Bonds that Tie)
After three years on the run, I’m back in a Resistance camp, chained to a chair as the resident monster. Everything I ran from, all of the villains of my past, they’re all here to take another bite out of me. But this time, I’m not alone. With my Bonds desperately trying to reach me and new friendships I never expected, I start to believe that maybe I won't become the weapon they want me to be. Maybe I’ll be a monster of my own creation. When loyalties are questioned and Bonds are tested, everything I thought I knew gets turned upside down. Who are my friends, and who are my enemies? Are Bond ties stronger than blood?...
Publisher: Independently published (December 19, 2021)  Pages: 539 pages  ISBN-13: 979-8786612531  Dimensions:‎ 5 x 1.35 x 8 inches

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