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PDF Excerpt 'Braking Day' by Adam Oyebanji

On a generation ship bound for a distant star, one engineer-in-training must discover the secrets at the heart of the voyage in this new sci-fi novel. It’s been over a century since three generation ships escaped an Earth dominated by artificial intelligence in pursuit of a life on a distant planet orbiting Tau Ceti. Now, it’s nearly Braking Day, when the ships will begin their long-awaited descent to their new home. Born on the lower decks of the Archimedes, Ravi Macleod is an engineer-in-training, set to be the first of his family to become an officer in the stratified hierarchy aboard the ship. While on a routine inspection, Ravi sees the impossible: a young woman floating, helmetless, out in space. And he’s the only one who can see her. As his visions of the girl grow more frequent, Ravi is faced with a choice: secure his family’s place among the elite members of Archimedes’ crew or risk it all by pursuing the mystery of the floating girl…

Publisher: DAW (April 5, 2022); Pages: 368 pages; ISBN-10: 0756418224; ISBN-13: 978-0756418229; ASIN:‎ B09D3MYY98

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Author’s biography: Adam Oyebanji was born in Coatbridge, Scotland. He recently took the big step of moving east to Edinburgh, by way of Birmingham, London, Lagos, Nigeria, Chicago, Pittsburgh and New York: a necessary detour, because the traffic otherwise is really, really bad. A graduate of Birmingham University and Harvard Law School, helping banks choke off the money supply to rogue states, narcotics empires, and human trafficking networks. His acclaimed SF debut novel, BRAKING DAY, was published in April 2022. A QUIET TEACHER, his first mystery novel, was published in November of the same year.

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