Book ‘But First, Inner Peace’ by Case Kenny

PDF Excerpt 'But First, Inner Peace' by Case Kenny
From Best-Selling author and podcaster Case Kenny… It’s time to step into your life’s best chapter. But First, Inner Peace is a one-of-a-kind 60 day manifestation experience designed to give you clarity about what you deserve in life and then show you how to get it. It consists of 60 chapters - part book, part journal - to show you WHY you deserve more, better or different and then through 60 days of perspective and self love prompts... how to make it a reality. But First, Inner Peace takes a unique approach to the concept of “manifestation” and "law of attraction" by focusing on how inner peace is the foundation for creating and receiving anything your heart desires. The unique ‘perspective + prompt’ chapter...
Publisher: Independently published (June 20, 2022)  Pages: 438 pages  ISBN-13: 979-8832595009  ASIN:‎ B0B4SPZDST

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Author’s biography: Case Kenny is the Chicago, IL based mindfulness author and podcast host of the top 25 US podcast “New Mindset, Who Dis?”