Book ‘Davos Man’ by Peter S. Goodman

How the Billionaires Devoured the World
The New York Times’s Global Economics Correspondent masterfully reveals how billionaires’ systematic plunder of the world—brazenly accelerated during the pandemic—has transformed 21st-century life and dangerously destabilized democracy. The history of the last half century in America, Europe, and other major economies is in large part the story of wealth flowing upward. The most affluent people emerged from capitalism's triumph in the Cold War to loot the peace, depriving governments of the resources needed to serve their people, and leaving them tragically unprepared for the worst pandemic in a century. Drawing on decades of experience covering the global economy...
Publisher: Custom House (January 18, 2022)  Pages: ‎480 pages  ISBN-10: 0063078309  ISBN-13: 978-0063078307  ASIN:‎ B092VYTQJQ

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