Book ‘Diary of a Void’ by Emi Yagi

PDF Excerpt 'Diary of a Void' by Emi Yagi

A woman in Tokyo avoids harassment at work by perpetuating, for nine months and beyond, the lie that she’s pregnant in this prizewinning, thrillingly subversive debut novel about the mother of all deceptions, for fans of Convenience Store Woman and Breasts and Eggs. When thirty-four-year-old Ms. Shibata gets a new job to escape sexual harassment at her old one, she finds that as the only woman at her new workplace — a manufacturer of cardboard tubes — she is expected to do all the menial tasks. One day she announces that she can’t clear away her coworkers’ dirty cups — because she’s pregnant and the smell nauseates her. The only thing is… Ms. Shibata is not pregnant. Pregnant Ms. Shibata doesn’t have to serve coffee to anyone. Pregnant Ms. Shibata isn’t forced to work overtime…

Publisher: Viking (August 9, 2022); Pages: 220 pages; ISBN-10: 0143136879; ISBN-13: 978-0143136873; ASIN:‎ B09LHBX5KV

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Author’s biography: Emi Yagi is an editor at a Japanese women’s magazine. She was born in 1988 and lives in Tokyo. Diary of a Void is her first novel; it won the Dazai Osamu Prize, awarded annually to the best debut work of fiction.