Book ‘Do Me a Favor’ by Jessa Kane

PDF Excerpt 'Do Me a Favor' by Jessa Kane
Posy has reached the height of her ballet career, but if you ask her coach, she is merely mediocre and distracted by the male dancers, which couldn't be further from the truth. But her coach won't listen. Instead, he drags her—still dressed in a tutu and pointe shoes—to his reclusive brother's door, located in an abandoned warehouse. One night with wild eyed Smith should cure her of any interest in romance, says Posy's coach, as he locks her inside a room with a monster...and a mattress. TW: Brief, non-consensual themes.
Publication date: April 24, 2022 Pages: 69 pages  ASIN:‎ B09YRW2LZ7

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