Book ‘Dreadgod’ by Will Wight

PDF Excerpt 'Dreadgod' by Will Wight
The battle in the heavens has left a target on Lindon’s back. His most reliable ally is gone, the Monarchs see him as a threat, and he has inherited one of the most valuable facilities in the world. At any moment, his enemies could band together to kill him. If it weren’t for the Dreadgods. All four are empowered and unleashed, rampaging through Cradle, and grudges old and new must be set aside. The Monarchs need every capable fighter to help them defend their territory. And Lindon needs time. While he fights, he sends his friends off to train. They’ll need to advance impossibly fast if they want to join him in battle against the kings and queens of Cradle. Together, they will need power enough to rival a Dreadgod.
Publisher: Hidden Gnome Publishing (July 3, 2022)  Pages: 502 pages  ISBN-10: 1734958189  ISBN-13: 978-1734958188  ASIN:‎ B0B4MY8PN8

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Author’s biography: Will Wight is the #1 Kindle Best Selling author of the Traveler’s Gate trilogy, the Elder Empire cycle, and the Cradle series, with other titles available in alternate dimensions. He can smell fear, taste anger, and hear joy. Will lives in Orlando, among the creatures of swamp and sea. He graduated from the University of Central Florida, where he received degrees in Creative Writing and Bear Surgery. Visit his website at for ancient knowledge, book news, and a deep sense of personal satisfaction. If you begin having unexplained visions of Will Wight more than once a day, please move to an approved Wight-proof shelter immediately. To contact him, you could comment on his website, visit his official Facebook page, track him down on his subreddit (r/Iteration110Cradle), stare over his shoulder on his Instagram page (, or travel through the cursed mirror in your grandmother’s attic. (Side effects of Will Wight novels may include dizziness, gnome dreams, sleep paralysis, smelling cookies when there are no cookies, and the sudden appearance of sharks.)