Book ‘Faithfully Different’ by Natasha Crain

PDF Excerpt 'Faithfully Different' by Natasha Crain
Regaining Biblical Clarity in a Secular Culture
Welcome to Your Place in a Worldview. Minority In an increasingly secular society, those who have a biblical worldview are now a shrinking minority. As mainstream culture grows more hostile toward the Bible’s truths and those who embrace them, you’ll face mounting pressures—from family, friends, media, academia, and government—to change and even abandon your beliefs. But these challenges also create abundant opportunities to stand strong for Christ and shine light to those hurt by the darkness of our day. In Faithfully Different, author and apologist Natasha Crain shares how you can live out your faith with conviction, discernment, and courage. You’ll be equipped to...
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers (February 8, 2022)  Pages: 272 pages  ISBN-10: 0736984291  ISBN-13: 978-0736984294  ASIN:‎ B09JJK9WK4

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