Book ‘Fated’ by K. M. Shea

PDF Excerpt 'Fated: Magiford Supernatural City' by K. M. Shea
Magiford Supernatural City (Pack of Dawn and Destiny)
I thought I hated not fitting in. Turns out I hate having a target on my back even more. Someone wants me taken out. To accomplish that, they leaked the secret of my magic to all the Packs in the Midwest. Now, almost every Alpha in the region has traveled to my hometown in hopes of convincing me to join their Pack. And some of them don’t seem to think I should have a choice. Greyson won’t stand for that—something he makes deadly clear to the other Alphas. What they don’t know is that I’m his long missing mate. But wolves and hunters are enemies, and my hunter magic blocks me from accepting the bond…even though I’m starting to wish I could. Our incomplete mate bond is a constant drain on Greyson...
Publication date: February 25, 2022  Pages: 377 pages  ASIN:‎ B09PNX3DLG

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K. M. Shea is a fantasy-romance author who never quite grew out of adventure books or fairy tales, and still searches closets in hopes of stumbling into Narnia. She is addicted to sweet romances, witty characters, and happy endings.