Book ‘Fostered’ by Tori Hope Petersen

PDF Excerpt 'Fostered' by Tori Hope Petersen
One Woman’s Powerful Story of Finding Faith and Family through Foster Care
If you’re wondering if God can truly move in the life of someone with all the odds stacked against her, look no further than Tori Hope Petersen. Tori grew up in the foster care system, a bi-racial child in a confusing and volatile world. Growing up with a mentally ill mother and living in twelve different foster homes, nothing was in her favor. And yet, even with a miniscule chance of graduating college and a great risk of being homeless, jobless, and on drugs, Tori overcame every negative stereotype and assumption that attacked her identity. However, Tori will tell you she did not overcome. Christ did. In the face of the darkness, the difficulty, and the damage, Jesus made a way for Tori to find profound hope, deep faith...
Publisher: B&H Books (August 30, 2022)  Pages: 176 pages  ISBN-10: 1087750970  ISBN-13: 978-1087750972  ASIN:‎ --

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Author’s biography: Tori Hope Petersen (named Mrs. Universe in 2021; Track and Field All-American) is a former foster youth letting her Abba be known. She is passionate about foster care reform, adoption advocacy, vulnerable populations, and seeing the love of God change people’s lives! Tori speaks across the nation sharing her powerful story, but her favorite form of art and communication is writing. Tori and her husband, Jacob, have the three sweetest kids: a biological son and daughter, Leyonder and Ezzeri, and an adopted adult son, Sar. Follow her on Instagram @torihopepetersen.