Book ‘Get Unrealistic’ by Debleaire Snell

PDF Excerpt 'Get Unrealistic' by Debleaire Snell
How Radical Faith Releases You from the Limitations of Reality’
Get Unrealistic is the tool that every believer needs in their spiritual arsenal. Reality wants to shape your values, your perspective and your worldview. Each new day tries to force us to accept our current reality. This book is designed to remove the lid from your faith. Right now, what we see determines what we believe. God designed for our beliefs to determine what we see. This book will equip you to begin praying unrealistic prayers, embracing unrealistic dreams, and beginning some unrealistic pursuits. Too often we are taught to be more realistic. God has not called you to be realistic. You can’t be realistic and a person of faith at the same time. Realities are not meant to be accepted...
Publisher: Bowker Identifier Services (March 7, 2022)  Pages: ‎140 pages  ISBN-13: 979-8985873504  ASIN:‎ B09V2HPL1L

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Pastor Debleaire Snell was born on March 12, 1977 in Tallahassee, Florida to Deborah and Larry Snell. He is the eldest of two brothers Javaris Snell, 23, and Andrew Snell, 18. His family accepted the truth in 1987, as he and his parents were baptized into the Maranatha SDA Church in Tallahassee, Florida.

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