Book ‘Glow (The Plated Prisoner)’ by Raven Kennedy

PDF Excerpt 'Glow (The Plated Prisoner)' by Raven Kennedy
The BookTok hit: The Plated Prisoner Series continues in book 4. This dark adult fantasy romance is inspired by the myth of King Midas and the gold-touched woman who realizes her true worth. "I was nothing but a road to Midas. A means to get to where he wanted to go, and I paved that path in gold." My life as been made up of gilded lies. But death has been shaped from rot. Like a phoenix caught fire, I will need to rise from the ashes and learn to wield my own power. Because my wings may have been clipped, but I am not in a cage, and I'm finally free to fly from the frozen kingdoms I've been kept in. Yet the world doesn't want to let me. That's the thing when you turn against a king-everyone else turns against you...
Publisher: Raven Kennedy LLC (June 18, 2022)  Pages: 730 pages  ISBN-10: 1737633841  ISBN-13: 978-1737633846  ASIN:‎ B095G183J6

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About the author: Raven Kennedy is a California girl born and raised, whose love for books pushed her into creating her own worlds. Her debut series was a romcom fantasy about a cupid looking for love. She has since gone on to write in a range of genres, including the adult dark fantasy: The Plated Prisoner Series, which has become an Amazon bestseller. Whether she makes you laugh or cry, or whether the series is about a cupid or a gold-touched woman living in King Midas’s castle, she hopes to create characters that readers can root for. You can follow her on her public Facebook page for announcements: Raven Kennedy Books. Join her private Facebook group for all the fun: Raven Kennedy’s Reader Group.