Book ‘Happy and Strong’ by Jaime Villalovos

PDF Excerpt 'Happy and Strong' by Jaime Villalovos
Create Your Dream Life while Enjoying the Journey
In Happy and Strong, Jaime Villalovos provides readers with practical and proven strategies on how to achieve success in business without neglecting or sacrificing their families and everything that is important to them. Do you struggle with the pressure of balancing business and family? With all that life demands, do you feel spread too thin? Do you often ask yourself, Is it all worth it? Can I have it all? If having it all means a loving, supportive relationship, a successful and impactful business, a strong and united family, and a healthy and fit body and mind, then the answer is yes! In her debut book Happy and Strong: Create Your Dream Life while Enjoying the Journey, Jaime Villalovos gives you useful tools and methods...
Publisher: Forefront Books (May 17, 2022)  Pages: 256 pages  ISBN-10: 1637630824  ISBN-13: 978-1637630822  ASIN:‎ B09W4X7ZNS

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About the author: Jaime Villalovos grew up in rural Montana, the oldest of six kids. After she graduated high school, she moved to California, where she met her husband, Shawn. Together, they became successful entrepreneurs and she was a seven-figure earner before the age of 30. They are active philanthropists, serving on the board of the All For One foundation, as well as antibullying and children’s wellness organizations. They are also very active in their community. Their passion is to help people reach their biggest goals while finding true happiness. They currently live in Southern California with their four children. Jaime loves reading, working out, and traveling the world on fun adventures with her family. The Happy & Strong mission is to touch 100 million lives through the education, philanthropy, and leadership efforts of Jaime and Shawn’s team.