Book ‘Hard to Kill’ by Jaime Seeman M.D.

PDF Excerpt 'Hard to Kill' by Jaime Seeman M.D.
Master the Mindset to Maximize Your Years

A lot of things can be bought in this world, but your health isn’t one of them. The only person who can achieve optimal health is one who is willing to put in the work. To make the most out of your one chance on earth, you need to become a master of the five pillars of health: Pillar 1: Nutrition; Pillar 2: Movement; Pillar 3: Sleep; Pillar 4: Mindset; Pillar 5: Environment; Hard To Kill will give you a roadmap that will help you to master those five pillars, making you physically, mentally and spiritually strong. A mistake made more than once is a choice. Choose to be Hard To Kill.

Publisher: Fit & Fabulous LLC (August 1, 2022); Pages: 119 pages; ISBN-13: 979-8986067612 / 979-8986067605; ASIN:‎ B0B8BZ92KP

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Author’s biography: Dr. Jaime Seeman was born and raised in Nebraska, growing up in the outskirts of Lincoln, NE. She did her undergraduate training at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she was a collegiate athlete for the Cornhuskers receiving many awards and honors. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences and has a special interest in this area. She then attended the University of Nebraska School of Medicine where she received her Doctor of Medicine degree. She then went on to complete her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Nebraska Medical College serving as a Chief Resident. She is a current fellow in Integrative Medicine at the Center for Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona. Dr. Seeman takes care of women of all ages with a full range of gynecology and obstetrics in her practice. She really enjoys taking care of pregnant patients and offers care including low risk, non-intervention pregnancies and high risk as well. VBACs are welcomed in her practice under the current guidelines. She offers minimally invasive surgery including Davinci Robotic surgery and in office procedures. She has special interest in ketogenic therapy, nutrition and exercise. She is passionate about offering these services to all of her patients. She is a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Metro Omaha Medical Society and The American Academy of Breast Feeding Medicine. Dr. Seeman is married to her husband Ben who works in law enforcement and was also born and raised in Nebraska. She has three young daughters and values her time being a mother, wife and physician. She enjoys fitness, traveling, music, crafting and spending precious time with her family and friends.