Book ‘How to Build a Healthy Brain’ by Kimberley Wilson

PDF Excerpt 'How to Build a Healthy Brain' by Kimberley Wilson
Reduce stress, anxiety and depression and future-proof your brain
'A practical manual for your brain.' - Dr Megan Rossi. A groundbreaking science-based guide to protecting your brain health for the long term. Whatever your age, having a healthy brain is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. Yet, for both young and old, diseases of the brain and mental health are the biggest killers in the 21st century. We all know how to take care of our physical health, but we often feel powerless as to what we can do to protect our mental well-being too. How to Build a Healthy Brain is here to help. Written by a passionate advocate for the importance of mental health, Chartered Psychologist Kimberley Wilson draws on the latest research to give practical, holistic advice on how you can protect your brain...
Publisher: Yellow Kite (July 19, 2022)  Pages: 256 pages  ISBN-10: 1529351499  ISBN-13: 978-1529351491  ASIN:‎ B07SZL4CPQ

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About the author: Kimberley Wilson is a Chartered Psychologist who has worked for the NHS as well as in a private practice. She hosts a fortnightly podcast called ‘Stronger Minds’ where she discusses topics related to food, lifestyle, psychology and mental health. She has a Harley Street private practice, Monumental Health, which integrates lifestyle interventions into psychological therapy. Kimberley has launched her own series of ‘Ask the Expert’ seminars and has just been signed up to write a food and mental health column for Delicious magazine.