Book ‘How to Not Die Alone’ by Logan Ury

PDF Excerpt 'How to Not Die Alone' by Logan Ury
The Surprising Science That Will Help You Find Love
A “must-read” (The Washington Post) funny and practical guide to help you find, build, and keep the relationship of your dreams. Have you ever looked around and wondered, “Why has everyone found love except me?” You’re not the only one. Great relationships don’t just appear in our lives — they’re the culmination of a series of decisions, including whom to date, how to end it with the wrong person, and when to commit to the right one. But our brains often get in the way. We make poor decisions, which thwart us on our quest to find lasting love. Drawing from years of research, behavioral scientist turned dating coach Logan Ury reveals the hidden forces that cause those mistakes. But awareness on its own...
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (February 1, 2022)  Pages: 352 pages  ISBN-10: 1982120630  ISBN-13: 978-1982120634  ASIN:‎ B08SXX2QFM

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About the Author: Behavioral scientist turned dating coach Logan Ury is an internationally recognized expert on modern love. As the Director of Relationship Science at the dating app Hinge, Logan leads a research team dedicated to helping people find love. After studying psychology at Harvard, she ran Google’s behavioral science team — the Irrational Lab — and created the popular interview series “Talks at Google: Modern Romance.” She is a 2018 TED Resident. Logan lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Scott. She credits her relationship success to the techniques outlined in How to Not Die Alone. Learn more at or follow her @LoganUry.