Book ‘How to Think Like a Lawyer–and Why’ by Kim Wehle

PDF Excerpt 'How to Think Like a Lawyer--and Why' by Kim Wehle
A Common-Sense Guide to Everyday Dilemmas (Legal Expert Series)
A law professor and author teaches non-attorneys how to think like a lawyer to gain advantage in their lives—whether buying a house, negotiating a salary, or choosing the right healthcare. Lawyers aren’t like other people. They often argue points that are best left alone or look for mistakes in menus “just because.” While their scrupulous attention to detail may be annoying, it can also be a valuable skill. Do you need to make health care decisions for an aging parent but are unsure where to start? Are you at crossroads in your career and don’t know how to move forward? Have you ever been on a jury trying to understand confusing legal instructions? How to Think Like a Lawyer has the answers...
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks (February 22, 2022)  Pages: ‎208 pages  ISBN-10: 0063067560  ISBN-13: 978-0063067561  ASIN:‎ B08SMGMX3C

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Kim Wehle is a tenured Professor of Law at the University of Baltimore School of Law. She was formerly an Assistant United States Attorney and an Associate Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation. Wehle is also a Legal Expert, Analyst, and Commentator for CBS News, as well as a Contributor for BBC World News and BBC World News America on PBS, an Op-Ed Contributor for The Bulwark, and an Opinion Contributor for The Hill. Her articles have appeared in the Baltimore Sun, the L.A. Times, and NBC News Think.

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