Book ‘HWPO: Hard Work Pays Off’ by Mat Fraser

PDF Excerpt 'HWPO: Hard Work Pays Off' by Mat Fraser

Transform your body and mind with the definitive guide to building peak strength, endurance, and speed, from the five-time CrossFit Games champion and Fittest Man on Earth No matter your level of fitness, no matter if you’ve never attempted CrossFit before, this book is your total training manual. Mat Fraser is undisputedly the fittest man in CrossFit history for winning the CrossFit Games an unprecedented five times. A student of engineering, Fraser optimized his body like a machine, and his absolute dedication to the training program he designed for himself is now legendary. For years, every single decision he made was weighed against the question: “Will this help me win?” If the answer was no, he didn’t do it. If it would give him even the slightest edge or advantage, he would—no matter the cost. Fraser became a master of identifying his weaknesses…

Publisher: Rodale Books (January 11, 2022); Pages: ‎320 pages; ISBN-10: 1529135842; ISBN-13: 978-0593233757; ASIN:‎ B097ZG4ZTD

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Author’s biography: Mathew Fraser is arguably the Fittest Man on Earth: the most successful and dominant CrossFit athlete in history, a 5 time CrossFit Games Champion (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020) and the only 6 time individual podium finisher. Prior to his CrossFit career, Fraser was also the 2009 Junior National Champion Weightlifter and son of Olympic athletes. Mat’s journey to success is characterised by adversity, including fighting his way back to fitness after breaking his back in a training accident aged 19. Mat now shares his fitness secerts and insights across social media to a following of 2.4 million avid fans and Instagram followers. On CrossFit – CrossFit is one of the world’s largest participation fitness programs. There are currently over 15,000 affliated CrossFit gyms globally. 400,000 people compete in the CrossFit open, the biggest sporting participatory event in the world.

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