Book ‘I Cried to Dream Again’ by Sara Kruzan

PDF Excerpt 'I Cried to Dream Again' by Sara Kruzan
Trafficking, Murder, and Deliverance — A Memoir
At once disturbing and empowering, the memoir of a courageous woman who was abused, groomed, and trafficked for sex from age eleven to age sixteen, who then killed her trafficker/father figure and was sentenced as a juvenile to life in prison without parole. "I was eleven when I first met GG. I realized later that he had to have been aware of the chaos that was my life because he played me perfectly. I was walking home after school... I heard a red Mustang purring like a huge lion behind me as I turned onto my block. When it caught up with me, a man leaned out of the window and motioned for me to come closer. 'Hey, excuse me,' he said. I approached the window and politely and cheerfully replied, ‘Yes?’...
Publisher: Pantheon (May 10, 2022)  Pages: 208 pages  ISBN-10: 059331588X  ISBN-13: 978-0593315880  ASIN:‎ B09B9Z63N9

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About the Author: SARA KRUZAN, a survivor of sex trafficking, is an advocate for the rights of incarcerated women and children. She and her daughter, Summer, live in California. CORI THOMAS is an author, a screenwriter, and an award-winning playwright. She lives in New York City.