Book ‘I’ll Start Again Monday’ by Lysa TerKeurst

PDF Excerpt 'I'll Start Again Monday' by Lysa TerKeurst
Break the Cycle of Unhealthy Eating Habits with Lasting Spiritual Satisfaction
Based on her bestselling book Made to Crave, but now distilled down for busy readers, Lysa TerKeurst offers a new perspective to all those stuck in the cycle of losing weight but then gaining it back, equipping readers with the deeper spiritual and emotional motivation they need to make lasting changes. So often we characterize our food cravings as bad or guilt-inducing. But craving isn't a bad thing. The reality is we were made to crave. We just need to realize God created us to crave more of Him instead of misplacing that craving by overindulging in physical pleasures and unhealthy food that will always disappoint. In the midst of her own personal struggle with this...
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (January 4, 2022)  Pages: 
160 pages  ISBN-13: 978-0785232483  Dimensions:‎ 4.6 x 0.6 x 7.1 inches

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