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A Memoir on Contemplating Retirement. “Steve Lopez is insightful, ingenious, and often hilarious as he navigates one of life’s biggest questions.” — Michael Connelly. Four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and longtime Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez explores the meaning of work and how it defines us in this captivating book that combines memoir, investigatory interviews, and practical application. Grappling with his own decision of whether to retire, Lopez uses his reporter skills not only to look inward but also to interview experts and peers to collect a variety of perspectives as he examines the true nature of a person’s time, identity, and ultimate life satisfaction. In Independence Day, Lopez talks to those who have chosen to extend their working life to its (il)logical extreme — people like Mel Brooks, still working at 94 — those who have happily retired and reinvented themselves outside of the constraints of work…

Publisher: Harper Horizon (November 1, 2022); Pages: 253 pages; ISBN-10: 0785288724; ISBN-13: 978-0785288725; ASIN:‎ B09N8RVS42

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Author’s biography: Steve Lopez has been a Los Angeles Times columnist since 2001 and is a four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist for commentary. He is the author of three novels, two collections of columns, and the New York Times bestseller and winner of the PEN USA Literary Award for Nonfiction, The Soloist. Additionally, Lopez’s television reporting for public station KCET has won three local news Emmys and a share of the Columbia University DuPont Award.

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