Book ‘Influence Is Your Superpower’ by Zoe Chance

The Science of Winning Hearts, Sparking Change, and Making Good Things Happen
Rediscover the superpower that makes good things happen, from the professor behind Yale School of Management's most popular class. You were born influential. But then you were taught to suppress that power, to follow the rules, to wait your turn, to not make waves. Award-winning Yale professor Zoe Chance will show you how to rediscover the superpower that brings great ideas to life. Influence doesn’t work the way you think because you don’t think the way you think. Move past common misconceptions—such as the idea that asking for more will make people dislike you—and understand why your go-to negotiation strategies are probably making you less influential. Discover the one thing that influences behavior more than anything else...
Publisher: Random House (February 1, 2022)  Pages: 304 pages  ISBN-10: 198485433X  ISBN-13: 978-1984854339  ASIN:‎ B093YQP9ND

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