Book ‘Life’s Messy, Live Happy’ by Cy Wakeman

PDF Excerpt 'Life's Messy, Live Happy' by Cy Wakeman
Things Don’t Have to Be Perfect for You to Be Content
A simple shift in thinking can change everything you believe about your own happiness. By the time we become adults, most of us have joined the religion of suffering, which preaches that unless circumstances are controlled, life will be a mess. We compare ourselves to others and speculate about an impossible-to-know future, holding out hope for an improved life through getting ahead, fulfilling passion, or finding true love. But the idea that happiness comes from putting effort toward altering one’s circumstances is harmful and backward. What if we instead learned to understand that circumstances can rarely be controlled, and that life is, and always will be, messy?...
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (March 29, 2022)  Pages: 256 pages  ISBN-10: 1250275164  ISBN-13: 978-1250275165  ASIN:‎ B08R2L4BJ8

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CY WAKEMAN is a drama researcher, international leadership speaker, and consultant. In 2001 she founded Reality-Based Leadership. She is the author of Reality-Based Leadership, No Ego, and the New York Times bestseller The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace. In 2017, she was named as one of the Top 30 Global Leadership Gurus by Global Gurus, a Top 100 Leadership Expert to Follow on Twitter, and was deemed “the secret weapon to restoring sanity to the workplace.” She lives in Omaha, Nebraska

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