Book ‘Love in the Time of Contagion’ by Laura Kipnis

PDF Excerpt 'Love in the Time of Contagion: A Diagnosis' by Laura Kipnis
A Diagnosis
In this timely, insightful, and darkly funny investigation, the acclaimed author of Against Love asks: what does living in dystopic times do to our ability to love each other and the world? COVID-19 has produced new taxonomies of love, intimacy, and vulnerability. Will its cultural afterlife be as lasting as that of HIV, which reshaped consciousness about sex and love even after AIDS itself had been beaten back by medical science? Will COVID end up making us more relationally conservative, as some think HIV did within gay culture? Will it send us fleeing into emotional siloes or coupled cocoons, despite the fact that, pre-COVID, domestic coupledom had been steadily losing fans?
Publisher: Pantheon (February 8, 2022)  Pages: ‎224 pages  ISBN-10: 0593316282  ISBN-13: 978-0593316283  ASIN:‎ B094GR6HJZ

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LAURA KIPNIS is a cultural critic and former video artist. The author of seven previous books, her writing has also appeared in The New York Review of Books, The Guardian, Slate, The Atlantic, Harper’s, Playboy, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, and Bookforum. Kipnis is a professor at Northwestern University, where she teaches filmmaking.