Book ‘Lucky Turtle’ by Bill Roorbach

PDF Excerpt 'Lucky Turtle' by Bill Roorbach
“No one writes about love or the American wilderness like Bill Roorbach. Thrilling.” — Lily King. When sixteen-year-old Cindra Zoeller is sent to a reform camp in Montana after being involved in an armed robbery, she is thrust into a world of mountains and cowboys and prayers and miscreants and people from all walks of life like she’s never seen in suburban Massachusetts. At Camp Challenge, she becomes transfixed by Lucky, a camp employee of mysterious origin—an origin of constant speculation — and the chemistry between them is instant, and profound. The pair escape together into the wilderness to create an idyllic life far from the reach of the law, living off their resounding love, Lucky’s vast knowledge of the wilderness...
Publisher: Algonquin Books (April 26, 2022)  Pages: 454 pages  ISBN-10: 1643750976  ISBN-13: 978-1643750972  ASIN:‎ B09F5XMPGS

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About the author: Bill Roorbach is the author of several books of fiction and nonfiction, including the Flannery O’Connor Prize and O. Henry Prize winner Big Bend, Into Woods, and Temple Stream. The tenth anniversary edition of his craft book, Writing Life Stories, is used in writing programs around the world. His work has been published in Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly, Playboy, the New York Times Magazine, Granta, and dozens of other magazines and journals. 

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