Book ‘Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies’ by Maddie Mortimer

PDF Excerpt 'Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies' by Maddie Mortimer
'Original, memorable, shimmering' - Sarah Moss. 'Extraordinary, kaleidoscopic' - Daisy Johnson. 'Restlessly inventive... delicate and persuasive' - The Guardian. Today I might trace the rungs of her larynx or tap at her trachea like the bones of a xylophone. Something gleeful and malevolent is moving in Lia’s body, learning her life from the inside out. A shape-shifter. A disaster tourist. It’s travelling down the banks of her canals. It’s spreading. When a sudden diagnosis upends Lia’s world, the boundaries between her past and her present begin to collapse. Deeply buried secrets stir awake. As the voice prowling in Lia takes hold of her story, and the landscape around becomes indistinguishable from the one within...
Publisher: Picador; Main Market edition (March 31, 2022)  Pages: 448 pages  ISBN-10: 152906936X  ISBN-13: 978-1529069365  ASIN:‎ B09JPKWVYL

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About the author: Maddie Mortimer was born in 1996. She received her BA in English literature from the University of Bristol. She lives in London, where she works as a screenwriter and an author. Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies is her first novel.