Book ‘Marrying a Cowgirl’ by Natalie Dean

PDF Excerpt 'Marrying a Cowgirl' by Natalie Dean

She’s a cowgirl with a crush on the local veterinarian. He’s scared to death of her father and his rules. Constance Callahan has had only one crush her whole life. And she’s still crushing. She thought she’d lost her chance forever when he left Copper Creek. But now he’s back in town and the most eligible bachelor around. She realizes it’s now or never to get his attention. James Pratt left Copper Creek to become a veterinarian and start his career. He unexpectedly ends up back in town. Trouble begins when he starts developing feelings for his assistant vet tech. Her father is old-school and won’t let her date until her next older sister gets married. Not to mention he’s practically her boss. Constance finally has the attention of her longtime crush. But her father stands in her way. When the secrets and lies become too much, will Constance have the courage to face her father’s wrath? Or will her chance at happiness be crushed once again?

Publication date: ‎October 5, 2022; Pages: 269 pages; ASIN:‎ B0BC4QX4Q1

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Author’s biography: Natalie Dean – Born and raised in a small coastal town in the south I realized at a young age that I was more adventurous than my conservative friends and family. I loved to travel. My passion for travel opened up a whole new world and new cultures to me that I will always be grateful for. I was raised to treasure family. I always knew that at some point in my life I would leave my story book life and become someone’s mother, someone’s aunt and hopefully someone’s grandmother. Little did I know that the birth of my son at a later stage in life would make me the happiest I’ve ever been. He will always be my biggest achievement. The desire to be a work-from-home mom is what lead me down this path of publishing books. While I have always loved reading I never realized how much I would love writing until I started. I feel like each one of my books have been influenced by someone or something I’ve experienced in my life. To be able to share this gift has become a dream come true. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!