Book ‘Nomad Century’ by Gaia Vince

PDF Excerpt 'Nomad Century' by Gaia Vince
How Climate Migration Will Reshape Our World
Nomad Century is an urgent investigation of the most underreported, seismic consequence of climate change: how it will force us to change where — and how — we live. “We are facing a species emergency. We can survive, but to do so will require a planned and deliberate migration of a kind humanity has never before undertaken. This is the biggest human crisis you’ve never heard of.” Drought-hit regions bleeding those who for whom a rural life has become untenable. Coastlines diminishing year on year. Wildfires and hurricanes leaving widening swaths of destruction. The culprit, most of us accept, is climate change, but not enough of us are confronting one of its biggest, and most present, consequences...
Publisher: Flatiron Books (August 23, 2022)  Pages: 272 pages  ISBN-10: 1250821614  ISBN-13: 978-1250821614  ASIN:‎ B09G13KYNH

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About the author: Gaia Vince is a writer and broadcaster specialising in science and the environment. She has been the front editor of the journal Nature Climate Change, the news editor of Nature and online editor of New Scientist. Her work has appeared in newspapers and magazines in the UK, USA and Australia, including the GuardianScienceScientific American and Australian Geographic. She writes for BBC Online and devises and presents science programmes for BBC radio. Her first book, Adventures in the Anthropocene: A journey to the heart of the planet we made, is out now. She blogs at and tweets at @WanderingGaia. She lives in London.