Book ‘Paradise’ by Lizzie Johnson

PDF Excerpt 'Paradise' by Lizzie Johnson
One Town’s Struggle to Survive an American Wildfire
The definitive firsthand account of California’s Camp Fire, the nation’s deadliest wildfire in a century, Paradise is a riveting examination of what went wrong and how to avert future tragedies as the climate crisis unfolds. “A tour de force story of wildfire and a terrifying look at what lies ahead.” — San Francisco Chronicle (Best Books of the Year). On November 8, 2018, the people of Paradise, California, awoke to a mottled gray sky and gusty winds. Soon the Camp Fire was upon them, gobbling an acre a second. Less than two hours after the fire ignited, the town was engulfed in flames, the residents trapped in their homes and cars. By the next morning, eighty-five people were dead. As a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, Lizzie Johnson was there as the town of Paradise burned. She saw the smoldering rubble of a historic...
Publisher: Crown (August 17, 2021)  Pages: 433 pages  ISBN-10: 0593136381  ISBN-13: 978-0593136386  ASIN:‎ B08NSSZ9LS

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Author’s biography: Lizzie Johnson is a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she has reported on fifteen of the deadliest, largest, and most destructive blazes in modern California history, and covered over thirty communities impacted by wildfires. Originally from Nebraska, she lived part-time in Paradise while reporting this book and currently lives in San Francisco.