Book ‘Reborn in the USA’ by Roger Bennett

Read excerpt from 'Reborn in the USA: An Englishman's Love Letter to His Chosen Home' by Roger Bennett
An Englishman’s Love Letter to His Chosen Home
One-half of the celebrated Men in Blazers duo, longtime culture and soccer commentator Roger Bennett traces the origins of his love affair with America, and how he went from a depraved, pimply faced Jewish boy in 1980’s Liverpool to become the quintessential Englishman in New York. A memoir for fans of Jon Ronson and Chuck Klosterman, but with Roger Bennett’s signature pop culture flair and humor. Being a teenager isn’t easy, no matter where in the world you live or how much it does or doesn’t rain in your hometown. As an outsider—a private-schooled Jewish kid in working-class, heavily Catholic Liverpool—Roger Bennett wasn’t winning any popu­larity contests. But there was one idea, or ideal, that burned bright in Roger’s heart...
Publisher: ‎Dey Street Books (June 29, 2021)  Hardcover: ‎336 pages  ISBN-10: ‎0062958690  ISBN-13: ‎978-0062958693  Dimensions: ‎6 x 1.09 x 9 inches

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