Book ‘Rosebud’ by Paul Cornell

PDF Excerpt 'Rosebud' by Paul Cornell
“An elegant, elegiac examination of identity, fictionality, God and humanity itself” — Tamsyn Muir. A multilayered, locked-room science fiction novella from Paul Cornell in which five digital beings unravel their existences to discover the truth of their humanity. “The crew of the Rosebud are, currently, and by force of law, a balloon, a goth with a swagger stick, some sort of science aristocrat possibly, a ball of hands, and a swarm of insects.” When five sentient digital beings — condemned for over three hundred years to crew the small survey ship by the all-powerful Company — encounter a mysterious black sphere, their course of action is clear: obtain the object, inform the Company, earn lots of praise. But the ship malfunctions...
Publisher: Tordotcom (April 26, 2022)  Pages: 112 pages  ISBN-10: 1250765390  ISBN-13: 978-1250765390  ASIN:‎ B0927CRMWX

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About the author: Paul Cornell has written episodes of ElementaryDoctor WhoPrimevalRobin Hood and many other TV series, including his own children’s show, Wavelength. He’s worked for every major comics company, including his creator-owned series Saucer State for IDW and This Damned Band for Dark Horse, and runs for Marvel and DC on Batman and RobinWolverine and Young Avengers. He’s the writer of the Lychford rural fantasy novellas from Publishing. He’s won the BSFA Award for his short fiction, an Eagle Award for his comics, a Hugo Award for his podcast and shares in a Writer’s Guild Award for his Doctor Who. He’s the co-host of Hammer House of Podcast.