Book ‘Scarlett’ by Ivy Smoak

PDF Excerpt 'Scarlett' by Ivy Smoak
Hi, I’m Scarlett Hunter and I’m addicted to my best friend Axel Stevens. Yeah…it’s a huge problem. I’ve been in love with him basically my whole life, and I’ve been friend zoned. Hard. But I’m nothing if not good at solving problems. The solution to my Axel issue: I reinvented myself over the summer. I’ve ditched the glasses, upgraded my wardrobe, and have finally mastered the perfect strut in heels. Plus, fate is on my side. Axel is single for the first time in forever. So I’m going to walk into Empire High on my first day of senior year and win him over once and for all. My plan is flawless. You have my word – I’ll be wearing his varsity jacket by the end of the day.
Publisher: Loft Troll Ink (January 25, 2022)  Pages: ‎59 pages  ASIN:‎ B09R9HF3HT

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