Book ‘Scars and Stripes’ by Tim Kennedy

PDF Excerpt 'Scars and Stripes' by Tim Kennedy
From decorated Green Beret sniper, UFC headliner, and all around badass, Tim Kennedy, a rollicking, inspirational memoir offering lessons in how to embrace failure and weather storms, in order to unlock the strongest version of yourself. Tim Kennedy has a problem; he only feels alive right before he’s about to die. Kennedy, a Green Beret, decorated Army sniper, and UFC headliner, has tackled a bull with his bare hands, jumped out of airplanes, dove to the depths of the ocean, and traveled the world hunting poachers, human traffickers, and the Taliban. But he’s also the same man who got kicked out of the police department, fire department, and as an EMT, before getting two women pregnant four days apart, and finally...
Publisher: Atria Books (June 7, 2022)  Pages: 416 pages  ISBN-10: 1982190914  ISBN-13: 978-1982190910  ASIN:‎ B09JPKCC8V

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About the author: Tim Kennedy is a Green Beret sniper and former MMA fighter. He has starred on the History Channel’s Hunting Hitler and Discovery’s Hard to Kill. He owns Ranger Up, a premium apparel company, and Sheepdog Response, a tactical training company. You can follow Tim on Instagram and Twitter @TimKennedyMMA. Nick Palmisciano is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He served for six years as an infantry officer before shuffling off into the world of business, creating the successful marketing firm, Diesel Jack Media, and Ranger Up, which grew to prominence as the first military lifestyle brand. He lives with his wife in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Find out more at, and follow him on Instagram @NickPalmisciano and on Twitter @Ranger_Up.