Book ‘Second Born Lunatics’ by Jimothy Williams

PDF Excerpt 'Second Born Lunatics' by Jimothy Williams
Second born children are what professionals call "spirited." This unique grouping of children have the potential to ruin you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Here are some tried and true tips for keeping that second born of yours out of the US prison system and time out and into something that doesn't involve fire. Recommended for parents, teachers, grandparents (even those who are dishonest about their second born grandchild's nature) and all those who come into contact with this spicy demographic. NEW: Journal prompts allow this book to double as a baby book for your second born. We both know you don't have one. This book will teach you how to raise a child who has no problem slapping you in public.
Publisher: HoodieandLatteBooks (April 22, 2022)  Pages: 86 pages  ISBN-10: 86 pages  ISBN-13: 978-0990592846  ASIN:‎ B09YLS6YX4

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