Book ‘Spiritual Activator’ by Oliver Nino

PDF Excerpt 'Spiritual Activator' by Oliver Nino

A 5-step energy detox program from renowned energy healing expert, Oliver Nino that removes the crippling blocks from your energetic field that stand between you and abundance, purpose, and happiness. Renowned energy healer and spiritual activation expert, Oliver Nino shares his 5-step energy reset that eliminates the toxins that hold you back from being in your healthiest state. In this book, Oliver explains how energetic blocks lodge themselves in your system as negative beliefs, emotions, and sometimes even physical conditions. Traumas, ancestral roots, or environmental factors create feelings of fear, guilt, anger, betrayal, uselessness, hurt, and inadequacy that can flow through you like dangerous, free radicals. These create walls in your energetic field, which can cause physical disease, relationship issues, feeling “stuck,” a lack of abundance, a lack of purpose, a lack of confidence, anxiety, depression…

Publisher: Hay House Inc. (March 21, 2023); Pages: 257 pages; ISBN-10: 140196771X; ISBN-13: 978-1401967710; ASIN:‎ B0B4RQTS51

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Author’s biography: Oliver Nino — an entrepreneur, energy healer, and spiritual activation expert — is the creator of Geo Love Healing, an online company designed to help individuals master their energy, unblock themselves, and become healers. Oliver has performed over 20,000+ healing sessions and has trained 5,000 people from 50+ countries in his energy healing methodology. In testimonials clients state that they have progressed more from just one healing session or from his 30-day program than from decades of therapy and personal development. A highly esteemed energy healing expert, Oliver and his brand have amassed a loyal, global following including many celebrity clients.

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