Book ‘Tactical LinkedIn Secrets’ by David Cobb

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Dominate in an Age of Noise, Competition and Attention Market Share
Will you be LinkedIn or linked out? Learn to dominate in an age of digital noise and competition with Tactical LinkedIn Secrets. In his debut book, Tactical LinkedIn Secrets, David Cobb teaches business professionals to stand out and gain competitive dominance. The advice and knowledge provided through read-worthy mixed metaphors, humor, and rants prepares readers with, what Cobb coins as, arrows for digital quiver. Tactical LinkedIn Secrets educates, creates awareness, advances businesses, assists career seekers, and simply makes an impact on the industry—affecting empathic voices, futures, and financials. Cobb illustrates strategic tactics to maximize the use of LinkedIn...
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (May 10, 2022)  Pages: 220 pages  ISBN-10: 1631957767  ISBN-13: 978-1631957765  ASIN:‎ B09RKP67PN

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