Book ‘Talent’ by Tyler Cowen & Daniel Gross

PDF Excerpt 'Talent' by Tyler Cowen & Daniel Gross
The art and science of talent search: how to spot, assess, woo, and retain highly talented people. How do you find talent with a creative spark? To what extent can you predict human creativity, or is human creativity something irreducible before our eyes, perhaps to be spotted or glimpsed by intuition, but unique each time it appears? Obsessed with these questions, renowned economist Tyler Cowen and venture capitalist and entrepreneur Daniel Gross set out to study the art and science of finding talent at the highest level: the people with the creativity, drive, and insight to transform an organization and make everyone around them better. Cowen and Gross guide the reader through the major scientific...
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (May 17, 2022)  Pages: 288 pages  ISBN-10: 1250275814  ISBN-13: 978-1250275813  ASIN:‎ B09TPG6SX1

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About the author: Tyler Cowen (Ph.D.) holds the Holbert C. Harris chair in economics at George Mason University. He is the author of Discover Your Inner Economist (2007), Create Your Own Economy (2009), the New York Times bestseller The Great Stagnation (2011), An Economist Get Lunch (2012), Average is Over (2013), and a number of academic books. He writes the most read economics blog worldwide, He has written regularly for The New York Times and contributes to a wide number of newspapers and periodicals. Daniel Gross is an entrepreneur and investor. At 18, he was accepted into Y-Combinator, the youngest founder ever at the time. He founded Cue, an AI-powered search engine, which was acquired by Apple in 2013. In 2018, Daniel founded Pioneer, a search engine for the millions of “Lost Einstein’s” ― extraordinarily creative people around the world who have the talent, but lack opportunity.

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