Book ‘The 56’ by Douglas MacKinnon

PDF Excerpt 'The 56' by Douglas MacKinnon
Liberty Lessons From Those Who Risked All to Sign The Declaration of Independence
Read why the historical account of the 56 Signers of The Declaration of Independence and the story behind the 4th of July are so critically important... before they and the 4th of July are banned from American society. The urgent need to honor the 56 Signers of The Declaration of Independence came to Douglas MacKinnon, fittingly enough, on the 4th of July. While doing research for a column meant to remind the American people of that date’s critical importance, he came across example after example of those from the Left and the Far-Left––be they in the mainstream media, activists, or anarchists––calling for not only the “canceling” of the 4th of July, but the continued smearing, censorship, and canceling of our Founding Fathers...
Publisher: Post Hill Press (May 17, 2022)  Pages: ‎ 336 pages  ISBN-10: 1637584245  ISBN-13: 978-1637584248  ASIN:‎ B09VQTL2J5

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About the author: Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and bestselling author working with other former government officials to establish a Foundation to preserve the history and protect the reputations of our Founding Fathers.