Book ‘The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship’ by Andreas Widmer

PDF Excerpt 'The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship' by Andreas Widmer
Creating Enduring Value
Are you an entrepreneur, manager, employee, or business student seeking to lead in a  people-centered way? The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship is an insightful, practical guide to how businesses can and should be run to be both virtuous and profitable. Art Ciocca orchestrated the creation of the largest wine brand that has dominated the industry for over twenty years. It is an achievement that even the best entrepreneurs can only dream of, yet perhaps you've never even heard his name. That's exactly why you should get to know him. With his people-centered leadership approach, Art assigned the same importance to creating value for his customers as he did to fostering excellence in all who worked with him. The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship tells his story...
Publisher: Matt Holt (April 5, 2022)  Pages: 264 pages  ISBN-10: 1637740697  ISBN-13: 978-1637740699  ASIN:‎ B09BJ7NP6T

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Andreas Widmer is an entrepreneur, professor, consultant, business coach, popular speaker, and author, with 30 years’ business experience in international business strategy, economic development, and entrepreneurship. He has worked extensively in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America and has launched more than 100 technology products. Andreas has taught entrepreneurship at The Catholic University of America’s Busch School of Business & Entrepreneurship since 2012. He founded and is the Director of the Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship, which promotes a new kind of entrepreneur: one who can integrate personal virtue, the latest entrepreneurial tools, and long- term perspective for enterprises that harness human creativity in the service of individuals and communities. His previous book is The Pope & the CEO: John Paul II’s Leadership Lessons to a Young Swiss Guard, which explores leadership lessons Andreas learned when, at age 19, he served as a Pontifical Swiss Guard protecting Pope John Paul II — lessons he later applied during his own business career. The book has sold more than 40,000 copies; was translated into 5 languages (Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Ukrainian); and received extensive media coverage and favorable reviews. Andreas has an advanced business degree and a BS in business administration in sales management from two Swiss colleges (Bénédict-Handelsschule and Kaufmaennische Schule Luzern, respectively), and a B.S. degree in international business from Merrimack College (in North Andover, MA). He has an MS from St. John’s Seminary (in Boston) and was awarded an honorary doctorate by St. Charles Borromeo Seminary (in Philadelphia) in 2018. He speaks 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian, and some Spanish.

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